DC/AC Current Probe PT-710

DC/AC Current Probe PT-710

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Hardware Specifications

Sensitivity 10 mV/A 100 mV/A
Measuring Range 1A~100A peak 50mA~10A peak
Bandwidth DC ~ 100 kHz
Rising Time 4μs 3μs
Accuracy <= 40A: 4% ± 50mA
> 40A: max. 15% at 100A
3% ± 50mA
Phase Error DC ~ 65Hz: <1° DC ~ 65Hz: <1.5°
Battery 9V (NEDA 1604A,IEC 6LR61)
Output Impedance (typical) Can be connected to oscilloscopes with an input impedance 1MΩ || <100pF
Size Size 231 x 36 x 67 mm
Length of BNC Cable 2 m
Weight 330g with battery