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VT UltraMic-384E (US$579.95)

PC USB 16-bit single-channel 384kSPS 20Hz~190kHz audio and ultrasonic analyzer


VT UltraMic-384E is a 16-bit, single-channel, audio and ultrasonic USB microphone specially designed for sound measurement in the frequency range from 20Hz to up to 190kHz. It has four externally switchable gains. When used in conjunction with the Multi-Instrument® software, it converts any desktop, laptop, or tablet PC into a powerful audio and ultrasonic sound analyzer.
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Click here to download and try the fully functional Multi-Instrument software using your sound card as the ADC and DAC device!

Package Contents

  1. VT UltraMic-384E USB microphone
  2. Magnetic Cone
  3. USB Cable (3 m)
  4. USB hardkey (contains a Multi-Instrument Pro software license)
  5. Microphone clip and stand
  6. CD (contains the copy-protected Multi-Instrument Software)
  7. Carrying case

Hardware Specifications

Sampling Frequency 384 kHz (original)
Frequency Range 20 Hz ~ 190 kHz
ADC Bit Resolution 16 Bits
Number of Input Channels 1
Frequency Accuracy 0.01%
Full-Scale Sound Level (at 1kHz) 72 dB (Typical), when gain switch @ High
92 dB (Typical), when gain switch @ Normal (default)
110 dB (Typical), when gain switch @ Low
113 dB (Typical), when gain switch @ Lower
Anti-aliasing Filter 190 kHz at Sampling Rate 384 kHz, proportionally adaptive to Sampling Rate Chosen
Buffer Size Virtually unlimited (streaming mode)
Digital Input / Output Standard USB Audio Class 1.1
PC Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed / USB 1.1
Device Category in Multi-Instrument ADC Device Sound Card MME
DAC Device Not Applicable
Power Bus powered by USB port, no external power source required
Power Consumption Max. 0.1W
Dimensions 80x30x15 mm (Main Body)
37x25x18 mm (Magnetic Cone Guide)
Dimensions 0┬░ C ~50┬░ C


Detection of Ultrasound Burst (about 40 kHz) Emitted by Car Parking Sensor
Detection of Ultrasound Burst (about 40 kHz) Emitted by Car Parking Sensor